KnowAround™ Spot Advisory
As you make critical decisions for yourself, your family, or to support your investments, having crucial information and facts at your fingertips is essential. KnowAround™'s SPOT ADVISORY report provides valuable insight into what is going on at and around a location of interest. Powered by over 150 information sources, the SPOT ADVISORY report delivers a full assessment. This assessment includes a presentation of seven segments: demographic, natural catastrophe, pollution, safety, health, pests, climate, and area services.
All too often we hear "if I only knew that before I" made a decision, or before investing in a new property. For instance, one customer bought a new house for is family, and was unaware that an active landfill was only 1/2 mile away. Now that customer worries about water contamination and toxic gases affect the health of his family, and lost property value. These and other stories inspired us at KnowAround™ to assemble, process, and model information to help prevent this from happening to others, like yourself.