Our Mission

We put you back in the driver's seat with information at your fingerstips. At KnowAround.com, our customers are our most important focus. And we are compelled to provide you with the most useful, detailed and important information on locations throughout the country.

We collect, aggregate, and assemble information for you, so that you don't have to hunt for answers and waste time you can spend with your family or the freedom to be more successful in your job. We're continually listening to your feedback and work each day to improve our information, technology, website and services. Our team is unique in its ability to give you access to a vast array of information that is difficult to collect, process, and amass. Our mission is to provide you with tools and knowledge so that you can be successful in assessing a location.

Our Commitment

At KnowAround™, we are committed to providing the most comprehensive, accurate and detailed information about locations. We are all about location specific information, which we organize to allow research of natural and manmade perils, and local details that completely describe that location in terms of services available and demographics. Our information is designed to help thousands of Americans make valuable decisions based on the knowledge our reports and services can deliver. We take pride in having responsive tools at your disposal that can be consumed in a number of different ways - through reports, alerts, batch, and API.

Why Choose Us

Simply: One stop for all the information you need.

KnowAround.com allow you to come to one place for access to comprehensive information focused on the assessment of a location in order to help you make informed decisions. We collect information from hundreds of sources, apply our models to these information, and make the results accessible in a number of ways.

We want to make information available to the common person and to companies alike. We have found that it is impossible for the common person to collect and understand all the various information from all the various sources to be useful. We strive to provide more valuable and detailed information about locations and make these affordable. Our services are tailored to ensure to give the information you need, for example, when you want to buy a house or search for a neighborhood to move your family, if you want to reduce your property insurance rates, if you are a realty broker wanting better support the buyer or seller.

Our information is intended for advisory purposes only, and we recommend that due diligence like home inspection, a drive through neighborhood, consulting with the local municipality, and talking to neighbors before you decide to invest in a property is essential.